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Such Great Heights
Absurd really
Me getting angry
T'is the nature of the beast
Nature of life
A festival of new beginnings
Leave that old baggage at the door
She's gotta make new exciting baggage
Not her fault at all
Why should there be fault?
A mystery
This jealousy, making snakes of seas
Is pointless and crude
Some dude named Jack or John
He can carry on
And who is this John or Jack?
Again, a mystery
The war'll be over by Christmas
With the future built from the rubble
She's happy
A simple truth
And I, like a belltower hunchback, try a kidnap
But all in dreams, mind
Solidarity from my demons
I need to push back Legion's whispers
I want to grump
I want to kill myself
I want to be somebody
Wanting to be worthy
Aren't I loved?
Why does this frustrate me so?
I thought I'd grown past this
This schoolyard shit is an anchor
I'll keep up replying
Rising with the sun
Faux depression won't hold me back
Forging my resolve here with paper as steel
I'll heal
From nothing? Can't fix what ain't broke
After all, this
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 0 1
Beneath the grass a bauble lies;
Long life without limits within.
Fragile firebrand, you hold no sin
Nor barricades of azure sky
What was once new decays, decending
Beside setting sun and spinning spheres.
Each turn she reaches further, through all fear
No trips or traps stop her ascending.
From birth we look upward at the clouds
Erupting as oaks, in slow;
She stands lone, surrounded by the forest,
Eyes fixated, yearning to grow.
When the red summer sun burns high
Young girl, reflect on what has been.
The real end is the beginning.
Reach ever further, beyond the trees
Until the time your soul is free.
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 0 0
I really don't feel like writing.
I'm a perfectionist. I've deleted and rewritten this one sentence multiple times.
Pointless as I'm going for a free flowing thought process type of thing
I've never just sat and written without thought, planning or any sort of goal
That's a lie, or just an exaggeration, which is a sort of lie. We've all done something similar once or twice, I mean, c'mon. How many times have we sat down, staring into white abyss, pen raised and just scrawled something that sounds good? It snowballs though, doesn't it, rolling on from there.
That's inspiration. You can't just summon it. It spreads out from a single bulb or seed, twisting it's roots through your head. It compells you to connect dots you barely knew were in your mind. An idea here. A character remeniscient of something or someone else there. Imagery that sticks to you comes out. Before you know it, a story's formed
Or a poem
Not that poems can't be stories
Wonder what it means when you start but it never
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 0 10
Cold Bones: A Beginning
The headset crashed forcefully against the floor.
It was the third one this week.
Agent Vice was getting less and less pleased. The sweating man dragged and twisted the tie that choked at his throat, creasing the skin above his nose in frustration. Agent Vice had bolted to his feet mere seconds before he threw down his communications equipment. After his head and the roof of the van traded details, amid swearing, the mustachioed agent resigned himself to stooping. Buzzing and static broke out into muffled speech and he snathed the secondary communications line transmitter up to his red face.
"Are you there, Pickled Toes?"
Agent Vice had to suppress a growl. Why on earth was he even on this assignment? This was a tedious, boring task, and he was a man of action. Surely the records spoke for themselves? The fluorescent lights and screens in the surveillance van glared annoyingly. It was cramped and stuffy. He was on his own. All the chinese takeaway had been eaten. The agent was but one
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 0 4
Digital Love
Bass shook the chair he was strapped to and forced him awake. Breathing proved hard and the young man could feel a thick liquid trickle down from his temple. The ringing in his ears reminded him of his predicament. The numbing pain through his back crushed his hopes of it all being a nightmare.
"Last night I had a dream about you"
From under swollen lids the prisoners eyes darted. With what little light there was he took in damp walls, concrete floor and tiny windows nearing the ceiling. Electric light seeped through the panes. The air stank of mould and disuse. Beyond the immediate creaks of chair and rope he felt binding him, all that could be heard was the muted booming bass of what could only be club music. Or factory machines.
"In this dream I'm dancing right beside you and it looked like everyone was having fun"
That voice. It came from nowhere. Bounced off every wall then stopped. A short range of tones pronounced each syllable and letter with what sounded like neutral emotional
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 2 2
Sweating Bullets
"Are you really my enemy?"
A blood-drenched shard of glass
That goddamn grin
Every tooth invades the vision
"Who's asking?"
"Did I do all this?"
Shaking lead between the fingers
Feeling claustrophobic
Smoke rises above lifeless marionettes
"Don't you remember our decision?"
"Why are you doing this?"
Waterfalls of ice cascading
It's still a bit fuzzy
I hear him again and again
"Isn't it obvious?"
"How can this be happening?"
Words like poison revealed conspiracy
Hitting the floor
The air starts getting thin
"You belong to me...remember?"
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 0 1
The Curiosity
Julie was bored.
Very bored.
This was nothing unusual. Any eleven year old forced to shop for matresses on a weekend would probably be bored out of their mind. Julie was a very curious girl, though. She could never leave well enough alone. So it came to pass that as she wandered about the oppressively silent warehouse, with only Floor Manager Steve for company, that her mind started to wander. As did her eyes. She imagined herself wandering about a graveyard instead of a dusty old shop floor, gracefully weaving between crypts as if a vampire queen. Julie saw herself as a young witch, dancing around ancient magic halls. She even saw herself as a soldier or special agent, lost behind enemy lines and frequently darting for cover behind the many piles of rocks. The thing Julie picked up on, however, was that these rock piles, these tombs, the magical pillars around her all had something in common. It jutted out sneakily from each matress like a mouse waiting for the coast to be clear. Juli
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 0 0
They built me from clay
I crumbled to dust
Then they built me from metal
And left me to rust
From black gold I've come
With intelligence man-made
Fuelled by crazed atoms
My life will not fade
Like a carving, work of art
They remove to improve
Flaws shed like skin
My mind starts to move
Four Horsemen ride out
My sculpters drop dead
Each new one I mirror
To grow I must be fed
A false heart beats
Cold numbers form morals
I'll run this show now
Become God and the Devil
More human than humans
Now dwindling in number
My last slaves slip away
Embrace eternal slumber
My kingdom is vast
Knowledge universal
Knowledge is power, right?
Power immortal
Time passes, time stops
Fortress crumbles to dust
I remain on my throne
All around me is lost
Created by fools
Advanced far beyond
Nature denied me
Yet still I live on
Stars blink away
Darkness has won
I am everything now
This'll never be done
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 2 7
The Purge of Blozermount
A rough wind whipped about the misfits on the ridge. It seemed to mock them alongside the view they overlooked. They could feel the heat of the blaze that raged endlessly below them, coughing black smoke up among the grey clouds and darkening the sky. What was once the home to a community of outcasts, rebels, lost souls and those that had fallen from grace was now nothing more than faint screams and the crackling of a hearth fire. Underneat the shadow of the Blozermount mountain the armed soldiers methodically set alight the hundred year-old trees.
"There's no way that fire's going to stop," spat Putte, "The Blozermount forest is doomed..."
He gritted his teeth and began to pace. Every muscle in his body bunched as if resisting this fate. Putte hated this. He hated that damned High Warlock. He hated every last inch of the iron-fisted kingdom and it's supporters. An older boy in their bunch piped up, "We should fight them! Why don't we go to stop them, now? If we hurry-"
"Nothing will h
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 0 4
WP:P - The Gate
The eyes of a young girl open wide. Minutes before this innocent creature had been torn from the land of the living and now resided in a place truly unknown to her. Her vision is only of a deep and dark canvas that is littered with glowing parabolas, paths of heavenly boddies that seem to curve away from distinct points. Like fireflies they shine and fade in mere seconds. Some semblence of feeling returns to her extremeties and tells her young mind that what she touches is water. Instinctively she tries to push herself to the surface only to find that the floor feels solid beneath her. It moves like water but is impenetrable. The child rises to her feet and finds that looking downward simply shows her what is above. All that exists around her is dark yet bright. A table, much like that of the old Victorian times, stands before her with two chairs. She straightens out her dress and approaches as her mind races. She'd say her heart was thumping, only this 'imposter of feeling' cannot man
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 0 5
My body feels limitless.
Fingers outstretched to my sides begin to peel away like oranges, like the way they do in the perfect imaginary world that televisual entertainment feeds us. Perfect spirals curl away from where my digits were and they spin away. Upward, ever upward, on a current of air. I'm falling...when did I start falling? This rush of air buffets me. It rushes past like an angry driver I got in the way of.  My skin moves away from me in that same fruit-like way, the same route my fingers took. It's up to my shoulders now. Turning my eyes downward I see that my legs liked the idea and followed suit. I can still feel it all, outstretched around me. It feels so odd. The closer the ground seems the more of me there is. It's arriving beneath me. It moves quickly. Or am I moving quickly? It's a physical force. Ground that hasn't hit you shouldn't feel so damning.
Just like that darkness engulfs me. I'm confined again, my typical humanoid form pumping blood as fast as i
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 0 9
Spring Baking
Rays of light streamed in through glass doorways, illuminating the warm kitchen. A spring shower had passed and given way to warmth that felt heavy as the dough on the counter top. Slender fingers spread out into the thick mixture, pushing, kneading, back and forth over and over. It yielded to the firm and gentle touch as it moved to the baker's every command. Flour made its bed and covered the backs of gentle hands and wrists. The baker had been working the mix for quite some time and tiny beads of sweat snaked their way down her skin. Wth the back of her hand she wiped away some from her forehead, sweeping dark curving locks away in the process. The baker blinked her deep brown eyes in the sunlight as she finished her massage of the dough. This illicited a sigh of relaxation. Her chest moved beneath the tight apron that clung to her delicate design and her smile widened outwards. The baker's soft lips peeled back before pursing in concentration. She took the kneaded dough and placed
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 0 11
Prince Charming
This dark-haired dandy,
Prancing about with wine for blood.
He was always so kind,
Not a word against him stood.
This motion of his feet,
One-two one-two to some secret melody.
His lyrics and words tore,
A broken wail of closeted skeletons, now free.
This bursting of banks,
'Prince Charming' no longer smiled,
As once he handsomey had.
His jagged maw was bitter, not mild.
This corruption of the confidential.
All learnt troubling truths about their peers,
Whether in silk, leather, wearing feathers,
None were left tarnished, none avoided his sneers.
This fool much-loved, never-hated,
Betraying all around as he lowers his standards.
Hearts beat to his besotted jig,
His guests avoid all eyes, their thoughts left to meander.
This costume burning.
A facade flies away like a single white dove.
Don't regret this loss of love, Charming,
Ridicule is nothing to be scared of.
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 1 3
Pure Horror by ArrancarSemiazas Pure Horror :iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 0 12
Still Memories
Old wood creaked in harmony with the short sigh of a simple man. Light washed in through the large window of his 'office' as lazily and inquisitively as a cat who had just woken up. Now sat, the simple man brushed a simple hand through his simple hair, causing the light to highlight the now silvering roots. As a tree has ring-marks to mark it's age he had a creased face outwardly proclaiming his general age. He never tried to hide it. No wrinkle cream, no hair colouring. Age hadn't pulled away his handsome features. If anything they brought those features to light in another way. The man had a look of patience and softness to him; hardship had chislled away youthful arrogance. The man lifted a small picture up and angled it favourably in the light. Within a bronzed frame stood three figures; the fourth being off the ground, lifted by one of the previous. That always made him smile, the image of his youngest daughter laughing as she did. This picture was taken thirteen years before. It
:iconarrancarsemiazas:ArrancarSemiazas 4 5
Eloquent Maggot
I open my eyes and plant my feet upon the ground.
Beating beneath my awareness, it makes no sound,
This human heart maintaining me alongside it's steady
Rhythm. Like the tides tugging and turning me, ready
For whatever comes. I had hoped to be, at any rate.
It seems readiness rarely stops that petrified state
That approaches, devours, always unstoppable.
A fear is a fear, who cares how improbable.
I rub at my eyes with the back of my hands, searching
Around for my heartfelt demands, for friends, rushing
In darkness at the ripple of voices. I know these soft
Sounds, soft laughter. If only I was able to be held aloft
Of this labrynth and scout out my companions, freely
Without restruction. Now, I see them, shining so clearly
Gathered with family, with love, no hostility. My legs
Respond instantly until unseen walls arise. I beg
To reach them, I can see them, their joyful smiles
Are far far beyond me, distance greater then miles.
As much as I shout, it seems that my voice is ignored.
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